Bepolux - Your Network To Poland

Bepolux is a non profit organization of private companies, federations, business men and women, with business experience in Poland : investment and trade. All of them can share valuable experiences with you and help you to benefit from their network of contacts.

Its main mission is focused on the promotion of Belgian and Luxembourg investments and exports to Poland, but can also support the cooperation of Polish businesses with Belgian and Luxembourg companies.

Bepolux organizes business to business contacts and information activities and offers professional services adjusted to the needs of its members interested in doing business with or in Poland.

Being seated in Brussels - capital of Europe - the Chamber forms a direct link with various international organisations and institutions.

Since June 11th 2003 Bepolux has been awarded the quality - label of “Certified Chamber” by the Federation of Belgian Chambers of Commerce and is part of the BLCCA network

Our privileged partner

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